German-Israeli Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training

2019 marks 50 years of success for the German-Israeli Programme for Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training (Israel Programme). The Israeli and German partners are celebrating this milestone by organising ceremonial events in both Berlin and Jerusalem. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier acts as patron for the German side.


The Israel Programme

This bilateral programme to support cooperation in vocational education and training was launched in1969. It has supported the exchange of knowledge within this area ever since by enabling VET experts, academic researchers and trainees to undertake stays in the respective other partner country. The aim is to learn from and with one another. The programme also allows participants to broaden their horizons and fosters intercultural exchange. It is jointly funded by the Israeli Ministry of Labour and Social Services and the German Ministry of Education and Research.


During periods spent abroad as part of the Israel Programme, participants are able to immerse themselves in the culture of the partner country and pursue specialised continuing training. Our pictures provide a few impressions of these experiences.


Period of learning spent abroad

Israeli apprentices in Berlin

As part of the programme, Israeli apprentices Hen Hadad and Mani Dabush completed a practical placement at the specialist roofing company Berliner Dachbau GmbH. “The construction sector in Israel is booming at the moment,” explained Mani. “I have gained a lot of new knowledge in areas such as heat insulation.”

Field reports

The activities that take place within the scope of the German-Israeli Programme for Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training are extremely diverse in nature. Our field reports offer you more information about all the various study tours, project team cooperation arrangements and trainee exchanges.

Working as part of a bilateral team

“I find it very worthwhile to see how the German system functions and how it differs from the system we have in Israel. In the German-Israeli project, we discuss how we can provide the best vocational education and training support to people with disabilities.”

Neta Linder-Katz, member of the 2018 Cooperation Project Team

Close collaboration within the project

“The special thing about the programme is that it extends beyond cooperation in vocational education and training to focus on the relationship between Germany and Israel. Given the history that exists between the two countries, the spirit of close cooperation and partnership that exists when people meet up today is almost miraculous. It is certainly a great gift. The networking that takes place is highly specialised and of great personal benefit:”

Kirsten Vollmer, Head of the 2018 Project Team

Seeking international solutions

“International networking permits us to expand our perspective and sharpen the way in which we look at our own systems and approaches. The issue of how to train training staff is very important both nationally and internationally. Our cooperation is of enormous assistance in this regard.”

Manfred Weiser, member of the 2018 Cooperation Project Team

A study tour in Israel

“We came across a whole host of hospitable people who were very keen on engaging with us. Israel is a very interesting and multi-faceted country. It is a modern and innovative high tech industrial location, but also has a liberal society and a rich cultural heritage.”

Professor Harald Strating, participant in
the 2018 “Cooling & Heating” study tour


The German-Israeli Programme for Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training is a bilateral support programme initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Labour and Social Services in Israel. On the German side, the Israel Programme has been coordinated by the National Agency “Education for Europe” at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NA at BIBB) since 2013. Responsibility for implementation in Israel rests with Manpower Training and Development Bureau (MTDB), which was brought under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Services in August 2016.


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